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Truffle Juice 200ml

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Truffle Juice 200ml

Truffle Juice 200ml

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The truffle juice is extracted by canning.

The fresh truffle during its first cooking will lose between 15 and 20% of its weight in juice.
All the perfumes of the truffle are found in this slightly salty nectar.

The truffle juice has a powerful aroma ideal in cooking. It allows you to pick up the already truffle dishes or to flavor cooking juices or sauces. Truffle juice can also de-ice red meats. It will be used to flavor a sauce, a vinaigrette or mashed potato, or to sprinkle poultry or meat.

Ingredients: Black truffle juice (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt), salt 

Truffle Juice 200ml Truffle Juice 200ml Truffle Juice 200ml